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Brand: Insight Studios Group
UPC: ISBN-13: 978-1-889317-01-4

Doctor Cthulittle is a whimsical and terrifying illustrated story filled with Lovecraftian horrors, cosmic wonders, and adventure beyond space and time.

Join the mad Doctor Cthulittle and his stalwart companions as they race to save the universe from the unending hunger of an eldritch horror as it stirs from its aeons-long slumber. The good Doctor sacrificed his sanity to learn the secrets of the elder gods, but will his knowledge be enough to preserve the cosmos?

Doctor Cthulittle is a fully illustrated book, signed, limited edition, luxury hardcover.

It’s our tribute to classical illustrated stories and the forgotten age of adventure tales, weird fiction, and cosmic horror. The book is a 64 page hardback sized roughly 10” x 12.5”, printed in color on high quality coated stock, with sewn binding. This will be a book that will last a life time (and beyond....)

"A total inspiration! Fun and an amazing piece of work!!! I love it!!"BOB EGGLETON, Eight-time Hugo Award winning artist

"Any fan of Lovecraft or Steampunk will go crazy for Doctor Cthulittle. I can feel the love in it!"MICHAEL AVON OEMING, Eisner Award winning creator

"Doctor Cthulittle is just plain brilliant!" RON MILLER, Hugo Award winning artist

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